Monday, July 20, 2009

Young Adjustment Company, Inc. Services

The Path To Recovery

Regardless of whether your loss is big or small, commercial or residential, our services provide the path to recovery. Here are some of the steps we will be taking for you:

1. Inspection of building damage with our construction experts.

2. Itemize damaged personal property.

3. Analyze physical damage to determine its impact on business operations.

4. Provide preliminary estimates to set the insurance reserve.

5. Perform forensic accounting to compute business interruption losses.

6. Provide detailed documentation of the loss.

7. Review the claim with the client prior to its submission

8. With the approval of the client, formally submit the claim.

9. Meet and negotiate with the insurance company to effect a settlement

10. Prepare the necessary documents in order to obtain payment of the claim.


  1. Claims Adjuster Florida Adjusters may handle "property claims" involving damage to buildings and structures, or "liability claims" involving personal injuries or third-person property damage from liability situations,

  2. Thank you for the information. I have been looking for a public insurance adjuster to help with my claim.